EPDM Liquid Roof Repair Is the Best Option Available

When your roof needs repairs, you want the job done yesterday. Whether we’re talking about a commercial building, your home or even an RV, the longer a leak or other form of damage is allowed to linger, the more problems it can cause. As you want to get it fixed as soon as possible, it can be easy to make a rushed decision about how to go about doing it. You may simply replace that portion of the roof with the same material that failed you the first time. Instead, get busy using EPDM for a liquid roof repair application and you won’t be sorry.

You’ll Be in Good Company

No matter why you need liquid roof repair, you’ll be amongst millions of others throughout the world. Aside from residential applications, countless companies rely on EPDM as well. These include many you’ve probably heard of such as:

  • Dow Chemical Group
  • Holiday Inn
  • UPS
  • Tesla Motors
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • New York City-DOT
  • The U.S. Army

Again, there are too many others to compile a comprehensive list, but you get the point. Major companies with millions to use rely on EPDM when they need roof repair projects done.

Fast and Affordable

Perhaps one of the reasons so many of these companies go with liquid roof repair applications is because EPDM is so affordable. The chemical itself is relatively cheap for one thing, despite all it has to offer. However, the application is amazingly simple too. This means you don’t have to worry about your roof repair leaving you without your home or building for any period of time whatsoever. Furthermore, the entire process can be done in as soon as a day.


Of course, far more important to these companies than efficient installation is that it actually holds up its end of the bargain. No material is going to be worth it if those repairs don’t last very long.

Here, too, though EPDM gets top marks. This form of liquid roof repair is about as tough as it gets. EPDM has been tested at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and was not compromised. The same goes for temperatures as hot as 300 degrees. Chances are, your roof will never be called upon to protect the building below it from these extremes, but you’ll be ready, just in case.

This unbelievable durability is why you so often find EPDM products that come with warranties for as long as 20 years. Remember, too, that in many instances, this is a purely DIY application. Yet, it can rival other commercial products you’d have to pay someone else to do, even for small areas.

Don’t entrust your roof repair to any old product or you’re bound to wind up disappointed and even out a good sum of money. Instead, go with a liquid roof repair by leveraging EPDM. This amazing form of rubber won’t let you down; millions of customers, including huge corporations, can vouch for that.