Why Everyone Is Turning to EPDM for Their Roofs

There’s something to be said for going against the grain and making choices that differ from the masses. However, this is just as often a bad idea when everyone is making the same choice for a good reason. This is the case with an EPDM liquid roof. At one time, using this amazing form of rubber for a roofing application was seen as a strange choice. Nowadays, though, it’s one of the most popular and continues to win over devotees all over the world. Consider the following companies that have taken advantage of an EPDM liquid roof:

  • The U.S. Army
  • Holiday Inn
  • Tesla Motors
  • JFK Airport
  • Days Inn

These are just a handful of the many organizations you’ll join when you take advantage of a liquid rubber application for your building’s roof.

Easy to Install

Most roofing applications can take weeks to install, depending on how much area you need to cover. Applying a liquid roof is much quicker though, as EPDM typically cures in less than three days.

While it’s true that EPDM is usually used on flat, smooth roofs, this isn’t always the case. If you look at Gillette Stadium, for example, (where the New England Patriots play), it doesn’t even have a roof. Instead, there are a number of angled contours throughout the building. Other roofs of various shapes have benefited from EPDM, despite not being perfectly flat.

Best of all, if you like, applying an EPDM liquid roof is usually something most people can do on their own. Again, it will depend largely on the size of your roof. However, applying liquid EPDM doesn’t take much more than some cleaning, priming and then the proper tools (usually just a roller and a paint tray. Despite being a liquid, EPDM doesn’t cause a mess. You also don’t have to worry about the risk of it reacting with other chemicals on your roof, given how stable it is.

Furthermore, because it’s a liquid, there are no seams to worry about like you’d have with metal roofing.

Unequaled Durability

Of course, just because it’s easy to install won’t mean much if it can’t do the job at hand. Fortunately, your liquid roof won’t disappoint you here either. EPDM is an extremely durable form of rubber.

It’s been tested between temperatures of -40 all the way up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This is also why so many people love EPDM for liquid roof RV repair. You can take your home on wheels wherever you want—from Tucson to Juno—and not worry that the elements will put your roof in jeopardy.

The warranties on EPDM roofing products tend to be very generous because companies know that this material is basically invulnerable to weather conditions.

With every liquid rubber EPDM roof coating you put down, your structure becomes more and more protected from the outside world. This same tight seal also means that your heating and air conditioning stays where you want it too. Don’t spend a small fortune and the better part of a month on getting the roof you need. Go with EPDM instead; everyone else is.