A Closer Look at Liquid EPDM As RV Roof Sealant Applications

Water is a serious threat to just about everything from your RV’s roof to your home’s foundation. Moisture can cause rust, mold growth, rot, and other forms of damage that can destroy seemingly impermeable materials including RV roof deck. The good news is that there are quite a few ways you can prevent moisture from wreaking havoc on your life. Liquid EPDM e.g. RV Liquid Roof is one of the better solutions to your needs. What should you know about Liquid EPDM applications, though?

What Can Be Coated?

If you take a look at the directions and application uses for most waterproofing products, they are pretty limited in terms of what you can apply them to but on the other hand Liquid EPDM RV Liquid Roof has a broad range of applications, including the following:

• Various Metal Roofing systems
• Weathered Aluminum
• Weathered Copper
• Any original epdm rubber roofing system
• Fiberglass
• Acrylic Sheet and any acrylic based products
• Weathered Vinyl
• Fleetwood models
• Alpha Rubber
• EPDM Roofs that were coated with a 3rd party roof coating

Benefits of Liquid EPDM Applications

Why choose Liquid epdm for your application needs? Actually, there are quite a few reasons that this should be your material of choice, including the following:

• Protection from Corrosion: Corrosive elements can quickly damage many types of materials, including metal and steel. A coating of Liquid EPDM helps to protect against this type of damage.

• Weatherproofing: RV roofs takes the toughest toll while on the road harsh UV light, wind, rain, sleet, snow, freezing temperatures, and more. This can cause some RV roof materials to expand and shrink, to become brittle, and to fail. But when ordinary roof sealants fail Liquid EPDM RV Liquid Roof application helps to create a durable, weatherproof surface that does not suffer from exposure-related degradation.

• Waterproofing: RV Liquid Roof water proofs the RV directly upon application and guard against water ponding all year around.

What About Priming?

Liquid EPDM RV Liquid Roof is a one coat system for your RV never needing a primer; however in some instances it does needs a primer as mentioned below.

• For Fleetwood models with ALPHA roofs or an Alpha Rubber roof you will need to use the ProFlex Primer. You will be able to refer to your manual to determine if you have a roof made by Alpha systems. These applications are not covered under the warranty.
• Although Liquid Roof may be used in conjunction with the ProFlex primer directly on wood it is not warrantied
• In the event anyone has put a 3rd party coating over the original epdm roof you would need to prime with the ProFlex primer.

Considerations with Weather Environments

Liquid EPDM applications are designed to be waterproof. However, it takes some time to cure depending upon the weather conditions. It normally takes about two days above 50 degrees for the material to develop a skin and then 7 days for a full cure. If the temperature drops below 50 you would need to add that time to the overall cure.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, Liquid EPDM has many potential applications, and it offers outstanding durability, protection from UV-rays and waterproofing capabilities. Whether you’re reroofing your RV or looking for a way to create seamless water proof membrane for your RV roof, this should be your material of choice.

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