How to Conduct RV Repair with Liquid Roof

The point of owning an RV is to have a roof over your head wherever you travel. But what happens if that RV roof starts to leak? Well, then your days of thunder, travelling the open road could hit a snag. If you’ve discovered that your RV roof has sprung a leak, then it’s important that you take immediate action with respect to making repairs. Fortunately, making repairs to your RV roofing system is easy thanks to a helpful little compound called liquid roof, which can be easily applied to problem areas!

Mistakes To Avoid With Liquid Roof

As with any other kind of repair work, it’s important that you take care when applying liquid roof to your RV’s roofing system. First, you’ll want to make sure that liquid roof is the appropriate solution for your RV roofing system. If you have an EPDM based roofing solution for your mobile home, then you’re in business. If you have a different kind of roofing solution, then you’ll have to look elsewhere!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when applying liquid roof to your RV is failing to clean adequately before you do so. Like the EPDM roofing itself, the polymers of the liquid roof have to set before they can bond with your existing roof. If there are impurities (dirt, debris, grime) that come between the liquid roof and the EPDM roofing, then the polymers will fail to bond. While a repair made in this manner might work for a short time, you’re ultimately going to discover that making this mistake will cause more harm than good.

Also, when you spread the liquid roof on your RV, you’re going to need to make sure that you’re spreading it in an even coat. If you allow the liquid roof coating to become uneven in places, it’s seriously going to degrade the integrity of the repair. If that happens, you’re going to be back up on a ladder making further repairs before you even have a chance to rest from the last round of repairs.

RV Roof Repair is Incredibly Simple

As long as you avoid these potential pitfalls, you’re sure to find repairing your RV’s roofing system to be easy. After you’ve made a successful application of the liquid roof, you’re only going to have to wait 24 hours for it to set. After that, you should be able to take to the open road again.

Of course, RV roof repair with liquid roof can be even easier if you hire a licensed and reputable contractor. This will be a particularly good option if you don’t feel that you’re handy enough to make the repairs yourself, and that you might find yourself making some of the mistakes that were mentioned earlier. Regardless, you’re sure to find hiring a contractor to make the repairs eminently affordable, so there should be no excuse for delaying in making your RV leaks repairs!

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