EPDM Liquid Roofing Tricks and Tips

Are you worried about your roof? Maybe you recently noticed a leak and want to get it fixed soon. Perhaps you’re concerned about leaks that may come in the future. You might even be worried about the effects of UV rays on the roof, which can wear it down quicker than typically.

There is a great way to protect your roof and remove all of these concerns. Liquid rubber is an affordable solution for anyone who wants to protect the roof of their home or business. We’ll go over some tips and tricks for working with EPDM liquid rubber below.

Prepare and Clean

You will need a few different tools when it comes to applying liquid rubber. If you have a pressure washer, this is a great tool to bring out for the process. You should also have a broom, wire brush, and a ladder, at the very least. You should also organize what you will need for the application, including the liquid rubber roofing, along with an assortment of brushes and rollers.

After this is complete, you want to clean off the roof before starting. Sweep off as much of the debris as you can, being as thorough as you can. You may need to scrub areas with added gunk or rust, in order to make sure the roof is extremely clean. After that, spray down the roof and then allow it time to dry.

Apply Correctly

EPDM liquid rubber goes on easily and will be similar to applying paint to a wall. You can use a roller with an extension, along with brushes for areas that are difficult to fill in. You should also be sure to leave yourself an exit for when most of the roof is covered, allowing you to get down safely.

Another thing to be aware of is the weather. The roofing material will dry and cure more quickly when the weather is warm and no storms are about. However, even if it does rain, the material will immediately become waterproof so you don’t have to worry about reapplying the liquid rubber. It will, however, take longer to dry and cure in cold or wet weather.

Consider Options

If you would like to apply the coating on your own, that is entirely possible. However, for those who don’t wish to, there are professionals who can help with the process. You can buy the materials and simply pay the professional to do the actual application. This will save you money, although it will always be more expensive than doing the process on your own. In either case, the process doesn’t take very long, so it should still be rather affordable.

These tips and tricks for applying liquid rubber should help you make it through the process without too many hiccups. If you’re interested in coating your roof with this material, all it takes is a few tools, the actual liquid rubber, and some time. It’s a great way to ensure you’re protected from roof problems in your future.

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