Gather Your RV Roof Repair Materials Before Starting

One of the great things about repairing an RV roof is the fact that you do not always need to have the professionals do it. In fact, many times, you will find that it is much easier for you to take care of it on your own. It also happens to be a more cost effective option, which most people like. However, you need to make sure you are properly organized if you want to find success with your roof repair.

What RV Roof Repair Materials Do You Need?

When you are getting your RV roof repair materials ready, it is generally a good idea to get them in order from the first ones you will use through to the last. This way, you will have everything laid out and in order, so they should be easy to grab.

Think about how you will go about the repair. The first thing you will be doing is cleaning off the roof. Even if you feel your RV roof is clean, you need to give it a thorough scrubbing. This will remove any material that is on the roof that could make it difficult for the Liquid Roof to adhere to properly. You will need to have cleaning materials, as well as a ladder or other means of getting up on top of the roof so you can clean and make the repairs.

You need to have your replacement items, too. If you are fixing flashing, adding caulk, or a vent or duct, have the replacement ready to go and make sure you have all the essential items needed to conduct the replacement. One of the other items you might need include repair tape that is specifically for working on leaks for RVs.

If you will be adding Liquid Roof to the RV, which could be a good idea, you need to have more than just the product on hand. You also need to have a mixer, as well as a means to put it on the roof. Fortunately, it is easy to apply, as it will go on like paint. You will want to have rollers and brushes available. You should also have some paint thinner around to remove any of the EPDM in case you make a mess on another part of the vehicle. You might find some kits that will include many of the materials you need. Check to see what you still have to buy though.

Make Your List and Check It Twice

Once you know what you need for your RV repair, make a list of the items you have on hand and those that you still need to get. Check the list a couple of times to make sure you have everything on the list. Do not start until you have them all set up and in order as mentioned. It will simply make things much easier for you.

When you take the time, and get organized, you will find that you can take care of many different types of RV roof repairs with relative ease. It can save you money and make you feel more independent.

2 thoughts on “Gather Your RV Roof Repair Materials Before Starting

  • March 16, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    I have never heard of liquid roof cover! It seem so cool though! I don’t really understand how it works completely though. Does the liquid seal the roof in more to prevent leaks?

    • June 13, 2017 at 9:34 pm

      correct actually you are putting a new roof on for a fraction of the cost


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