How Often Do You Need Roof Sealant for RVs?

RV roof sealant is a necessary part of the maintenance and upkeep of any recreational vehicle that has a rubber roof. The roof is a critical part of your RV. Not only does it keep you dry, but it protects the interior of the vehicle from damage, too. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the roof is always in good condition. Water damage happens to almost every RV and motorhome, so it’s really important to know how to identify it as well as what the best ways are to repair it.

One of the best solutions to help prevent water damage and leaks is to use a RV roof sealant regularly as a part of maintenance. There are several different roofing materials used on today’s travel trailers and RVs, so you’ll have to find out which sealant is going to be best for your specific roof, but most will be clear about what surfaces they work best with. While some people think that you only need sealant when there’s a problem, that’s not true.

Sealing is Preventive

Most of the experts recommend regular sealing of seams and joints every year with a premium RV sealant or caulking product. There are several on the market today, although those made of premium silicone and liquid EPDM are the most popular. You don’t need to re-seal or re-coat the entire roof every single year, but the seams require a little extra TLC.

RV roof coating is a step that should be applied periodically throughout the life of your RV. consider reapplying the coating every 3-4 years, and make sure that you inspect the roof every time that you clean it to ensure that it doesn’t need a new coating sooner. By taking care of things in advance, you can save a lot of repairs and costly expenses that result from poor upkeep.

Some people will tell you that you should reseal your entire RV roof every single year, but that’s usually not necessary. Also, if you buy a better quality sealant and roof coating, you won’t need to replace it as often. The way that you store your RV, how often you use it and the climate that you live in will also affect whether you need sealing more or less frequently.

Cleaning and Maintenance Count

If you are keeping your RV roof clean and performing regular inspections, you’ll have a lot fewer issues with repairs. Plus, you will be able to keep an eye on the roof and see whether it might need attention before things go wrong. There’s nothing worse than finding out you need more roof sealant by getting rained on inside your RV.

Clean your RV roof regularly, including removing the debris and washing it down with mild soap and water. Check for any spots that might need repair or attention, and try to catch issues before they become big problems. This will help prolong the life of your roof and allow you to go longer in between sealing and recoating.

Over time, the roof of your RV will become dull, brittle, and could even crack or become chalky. This is all normal wear and it is why sealants and recoating products exist. Be sure to learn about proper roof care and maintenance to give your roof the best chance of a long life. In addition to proper sealant and coatings, you can also consider a roof cover to protect your RV from a lot more exposure, or parking it somewhere in a garage or indoor storage space. The less exposure it gets, the less frequently it will need to be sealed and coated.

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