Protect Your Camper: RV Liquid Roof

Whether in use, or sitting in a storage lot somewhere during the off-season, your camper roof needs to be protected. Even if you use a cover or tarp to keep out dirt and moisture, you could still end up with ponding water sitting on the roof that can eventually seep into the interior and cause all kinds of water damage to furniture, electronics, and wall or floor materials.

So, while you do want to use a cover during times of storage or keep your RV housed within a garage in between uses, you can protect your camper’s roof even more if you cover it with RV liquid roof. It’s a product that creates a sealed roof covering which keeps water out and provides resistance to weather elements and UV rays.

Stop Leaks Before They Happen

RV liquid roof products can stop those dreaded roof leaks from happening before they ever get started. The reason leaks are such an issue with RVs is because there are seams and gaps in the roof material due to venting and AC units. Those areas provide the opportunity for moisture to make it inside and leak into walls or onto cushions and anything else that’s in the path of the dripping.

RV liquid roof goes on in liquid form and then cures as it dries to create a waterproof, weatherproof, UV resistant covering that will extend the life of your camper’s roof and thus the camper as a whole.

UV Protection

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause a lot of damage to an RV roof as well. While this won’t directly cause damage to the interior of your camper, it will indirectly. Repeated UV ray exposure causes your roof to dry out. The drying results in cracks in the surface. The sunlight also causes fading and oxidation of the room material.

If your roof is made of a type of rubber, the UV rays can actually cause shrinking of the material. When that happens, it can then make the caulk around vents or in any seams start pulling away from the edges so that there are gaps. Those gaps can result in leaking of moisture that will damage what’s inside your camper.

Adding an RV liquid roof product will protect your camper’s roof from UV rays that can cause all of the damage we just mentioned. The rays won’t be able to penetrate through the roof coating to the material underneath. Most of the UV light will get reflected back off of the roof therefore protecting your camper’s roof and keeping everything safe inside as well.

An added benefit to this is that it will help keep your RV cooler inside when the weather is hot too. Many RVs have air conditioning units to help cool off the camper in the middle of summer. However, if your roof isn’t UV-resistant, the inside of the camper can get really hot and your AC unit will have to work harder to try and cool it off in there. RV liquid roof coatings can help your AC not have to work so hard and keep the temperature inside the camper at a much more comfortable level.

How Long Will RV Liquid Roof Last?

RV liquid roof coating will ultimately prolong the life of your camper’s roof. And it can do it without every having to be reapplied in most cases. As long as you continue to inspect your roof on a regular basis and perform periodic maintenance on it, the coating you put on should last around 20 years or so. That can save you a lot of worrying about your RV’s roof health.

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