The Advantages of Going with a Liquid Roof Repair

When something goes wrong with your roof, you can’t fix it soon enough. Otherwise, the next time it rains, you’ll be in trouble. At best, a tiny leak will just mean you need to protect your floor and wait for the storm to end. However, in the worst case scenario, you’re looking at some pretty expensive damage. Even a fairly small leak could destroy your property’s wiring if the water gets behind your walls. Obviously, you don’t want to risk this scenario. Should it happen, though, you also don’t want to entrust a roof repair process that will force you to do it all over again later. That’s why you should rely on EPDM.

What Is EPDM?

EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer. It’s an M-class form of rubber that has become popular for industrial purposes. However, in terms of roofing, EPDM is also seeing a lot of attention by homeowners too.

The rubber can actually be applied a number of different ways. You’ll see it rolled out as if it were paint, sprayed from a can or other container, or in solid form as a foil. This latter version is generally used for large, flat, commercial roofs. When it’s applied in liquid form, you have to wait for it to react with the air to dry and become hard. It generally doesn’t take very long though.

More importantly, though, there are a number of reasons people have become fond of EPDM for roofing applications (though it’s also used for floors).

Easy to Apply

Depending on the repair job that needs to be done, you may be able to apply EPDM on your own. You could purchase a version at your local hardware store and either spread it or spray it over the leak, once you’ve cleaned up the area. The entire thing would take you a few minutes to do and the EPDM would be dry within minutes.

However, if you aren’t comfortable handling this on your own (some roofs can make it too risky to attempt this), you could always hire a professional. You’d still luck out though, as they wouldn’t need very long either.

Easy on the Budget

Speaking of hiring, your budget won’t hurt much from bringing on professional help. The fact that it’s already a cheap material combined with how quickly they’d be able to repair your leak means you’d be looking at a very modest bill for the whole thing.

Long Lasting

As we mentioned at the beginning, once you use EPDM for your roof repair needs, you can safely assume that that part of the roof will not need your attention again. EPDM has been known to last for decades as a roof coating. It’s been tested against temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees and even as hot as 300 degrees Fahrenheit. No matter what Mother Nature throws at it next, that section of your roof will be just fine.

The next time you have a leak, go with a proven solution. Use EPDM rubber to fix your roof and you won’t have to worry about it again.

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